Global supply chain solutions

1Pre-contract guidance

  • In view of the cultural differences between buyers and sellers, market characteristics, payment methods,to provide professional guidance, from differences in cultural exchanges, political risks in special countries, exchange rate change expectations, different payment methods hidden cost control and so on to help you avoid risk.
  • 2Design Logistics solution

  • Effectively collect and analyze data on customers' trade methods, product characteristics, location and industry status, and through the overall logistics planning and overall control capabilities we have, we can help you improve your logistics operations, reduce costs, and improve Efficient personalized logistics solution.
  • 3Quality inspection management

  • Commissioned by the supplier for factory inspection, product inspection,quality inspection, feedback quality inspection situation, to help you solve long-distance factory inspection problems.
  • 4Cargo Tracking

  • According to the cargo conditions,real-time tracking feedback,including production progress,shipment,customs declaration,logistics arrival and a series of operations. Let you grasp the whole process anytime, anywhere.
  • 5Foreign exchange management

  • Within 24 hours to collection and payment, lock exchange services, help you easily grasp the exchange rate changes, reduce the risk of exchange rate losses.
  • 6Warehouse management

  • Using our company's warehousing resources to provide you with global warehousing services, warehousing operations management, security management, using modern logistics warehousing management concept, for you to reduce the overall logistics costs.
  • 7Delivery Management

  • According to your requirements, timely and safe delivery the goods to the designated place.
  • 8 Your "7days+ 24 hours"private professional consultant

  • when you encounter import and export problems, we can always provide you with effective solutions and coping strategies, professional-based, service-oriented, and achieve your career.